Rebound is an anthology book aimed at broadening the reach of indie comics by driving traffic towards creators and their projects through publishing whole or parts of works in collecting volumes and distributing those volumes through digital publishers.

The vast majority of independent comic creators are in love with their work and their passion and art shows through the amazing worlds they dream up and the adventures they write.  We believe that these works need more coverage if they are to survive and Rebound aims to bring more readership to those creators, helping them to continue living their dreams and continue keeping us entertaining with their fantastic tales.

Our goal is to keep the cost of the book as low as possible and our pricing is usually controlled at the behest of the distributor.  We hope that this low cost, and it is very low given that amount of high quality content we are aiming to jam inside, will entice more and more readers allowing more and more exposure for our creators and their projects.

For those of you who do choose to pick up and digital copy of Rebound from one of our distributers, we hope that you take the time to seek out those creators you have enjoyed and find out more about them, their work and go some way to support them as they continue to produce great work.